Holley LS Fest—Sunday News

While Robin Lawrence showcased Daren Poole-Adams’ COPO CRC Camaro at the Chevrolet Performance NHRA Nationals  at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indiana last weekend, he’s shining in the COPO Battle at the Green presented by Lingenfelter and School of Automotive Machinists and Technology this weekend. He coaxed a 9.67 out of the car with the 6.2L LT powerplant featuring direct injection by Holley and is qualified sixth in the field of fourteen cars going into today’s first round of eliminations. “We just put this together, and we’re collecting data and doing engine development for the direct injection by Holley,” said Lawrence. “It’s going really good so far.”


Tim King may drive his 2012 Cadillac CTS-V on the streets around his Dayton, Ohio home, but this weekend, he was driving it on the strip in Nitro Gear Street King. The car, which commands a lot of attention, features a 6.2L engine and supercharger and flies to low nines on 275 drag radials, but in today’s first round of eliminations, he ran into trouble and was forced to lift to a 12.89.



After taking part in the LS1 Tech/Raymond’s Performance Show-N-Shine portion of this event for the past several years, Indiana’s Tim Arnett made the move to competition this weekend by entering his ’95 Trans Am in Nitro Gear Street King. To help him pick up from the 10.40s he had run last time he was at the track, he offered his LS3 engine a new FAST LSX-R Cathedral 102mm intake, new cold air set-up and some extra nitrous, and it worked, as he has seen 9.90s this weekend while rowing the gears of his stock T-56 six-speed. “This event has an awesome atmosphere, and I already can’t wait to come back next year,” said Arnett, who now has his sights set on finding 9.50s.


We’re used to seeing Bill Trovato in NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street, but this weekend, he’s flying his 5th Gen Camaro in Wiseco Real Street. With help from his BTR-built 440 cubic-inch engine on an aluminum Dart block, he qualified third out of eleven entries with a 7.75, and he and his crew, including David Mitchell and John Costello, have just swapped to a different type of Mickey Thompson drag radials than they had started the weekend with. Now, they’re itching to see how much power the track will take in today’s first round of eliminations.