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Sunday Coverage 17th Annual NMCA Quick Fuel Technologies Bluegrass Nationals presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center

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Giraffe wrangler, (retired) exotic dancer, and internationally recognized commercial hair model Glenn Pushis has been having a pretty decent week overall. A new engine from SAM Tech has helped him find a lot more horsepower in his '16 Camaro which he is learning to handle through adjusting launch rpm and other variables, but Pushis was more excited last night about what chef Stevie (pictured) had cooking on the grill. Hopefully, the good meal will be all the fuel Pushis needs to push through Holley EFI Factory Super Cars eliminations today. Running in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars competition this weekend, wheelman Kevin Lumsden of Caddo Mills, Texas, qualified fifteenth with a best pass of 8.525 at 159.51 mph. The unusual numbers came as a result of fuel issues early in the weekend, but Lumsden fought back and changed a bunch of components including his injectors and fuel pump. Be believes the hard work paid off and that his 14 Camaro will finally give him something to work with once eliminations kick off this morning. There's a reason RC Components-backed Jessie Coulter rocks a big numero uno on his Brian Tooley Racing-powered 91 Camaro. The turbocharged entry carried the 2017 Edelbrock Xtreme Street champion to the top qualifier spot in both Edelbrock Xtreme Street and the Brian Tooley Racing Real Street Shootout qualifying, but Coulter suspects the engine was compromised in the process. A recent switch over to alcohol has got him reevaluating his tine up, and the uncooperative air has only complicated things further. It's been 'down on power but surviving according to Coulter, who still managed to win the 275 radial tire eliminator Brian Tooley Racing Real Street Shootout class last night; he walked away with $1,000 and a new Chevrolet Performance LSX Bowtie engine block for his efforts and is hoping to double up today as Edelbrock Xtreme Street. A veteran racer of 20 years, Plainville, Illinois resident Dennis Breeden went to the Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock finals in in his NHRA Super Stock-legal 10 Dodge Drag Pak in Atlanta but came up short. He's hoping to rectify that today and is doing well so far this weekend to make that happen. His 1 Way Technologies-built 6.3L 370 ci Hemi engine is coupled with a Cope Racing transmission with Ultimate Converter Concepts torque converter and runs via a FAST fuel injection system with crew chief Alan White watching over things. Keeping Breeden company this weekend is his dog, Pepper. Hailing from Loganville, Georgia, Ken Weilbrenner brought his beautiful black Super Skunk 70 Chevelle out for some fun in Detroit True Trac Nostalgia Muscle Car. Purchased in 81, Weilbrenner has bene running the 9.75 index street car with NMCA since 07 and competes with a 565 ci bullet from BES Racing Engines and Turbo 400 transmission under its hood. With a perfect 0.000-second reaction time, Georgia-based racer Mel White nailed the number one spot in MagnaFuel Open Comp qualifying. White recently changed to a new combination and has been spending the past few months breaking all the weak links in the new blow-through carbureted and ProCharged setup. Bill Jones from the Pony Express Mustang and Classic Ford Club did the honors putting together the 66 Mustang's 383 ci engine, then bolted it to a C4 transmission by Godley Performance Transmission to finish up the package. Running on an 11.50 dial in, Mitch Reed's self-built 69 Camaro and self-built 383 ci engine produced a 11.629-second blast during qualifying and he feels good about the start of eliminations today. Usually Reed runs his Nova, but he tore it up last weekend and decided to slap some stickers on his everyday street car Camaro instead to try his luck for the fun going down at Beech Bend Raceway Park. Reed is double-entered in ATI Performance Products Nostalgia Super Stock as well and won his first round match-up there already. In the MagnaFuel Open Comp camp, Jason Coomer qualified twelfth when he cut a 0.013-second light in his mean-looking 84 Monte Carlo. The man from Frankfurt, Illinois, nixed his previous red paint scheme in February when BaDa Bing Auto Body resprayed it black. He's owned the car for nearly a decade, and since then has gone as quick as 8.80 at 159 mph with a Turbo 400 from Championship Racing Transmissions and a 13:1 naturally aspirated 572 ci Dart Big M block-based mill from Midwest Engine Tech. On his dash is a friendly reminder to himself, along with a photo of his two children, superstar hockey player son, Jacob (10), and daughter, Jordyn (6). About a year ago, Scott Brown purchased this 13 CRC COPO Camaro from Glenn Pushis and is racing it this weekend in Chevrolet Performance CP Stock where he's qualified fifth. Brown, who calls Fort Wayne, Indiana his home, hasn't made any changes to the car since acquiring it other than a little update to the graphics package. Carrying support from Summit City Chevrolet and Rick's Camaro Parts, an Eckler's family brand, Brown's Chevy runs DR525 crate engine power and an RPM transmission. Brown had been itching to get the car out this year, but a broken back has kept him sidelined until now and this is his first race of the season. Driving 1 of 2 Dodge Demons competing in the Dodge//Mopar Hemi Shootout was Todd Fullford of Nashville, Tennessee. The 2018 machine has gone as quick as 9.31 with a hot HPT Tuners tuneup for E85 fuel, and a touch more boost. Fullford and his wife, Laura, were part of the Grudge Race television taping this weekend with Laura taking the best two out of three win after leaving early. I didn't even have the car in gear when she left, Fullford told us. ATI Nostalgia Super Stock racer Brent Wheeler had some back luck with his Mopar, chucking a few rods early in the weekend, but luckily his father also races in the class and donated his 66 Wagon so he could hopefully go rounds and collect valuable points. Jim Widener and Tony Bischoff have had a trying weekend with their C7 Corvette Pro Mod. Transmission problems ultimately prevented the team from getting the new 903ci BES Racing Engines-powered car into qualifying, and the team will have to regroup for the next event in Joliet, Illinois. Clocking in on his second stop of his 10,000-mile journey in his twin-turbo, True Street notchback Mustang, Randy Seward averaged an 8.67 during Gear Vendors True Street competition yesterday, and headed out early this morning for his next adventure. James Lawrence popped a motor in his ProCharger and Corvette during the first round of Mickey Thompson Radial Wars eliminations. He still managed to get the win over Mark Woody Woodruff in the process, and it's currently all hands on deck as the crew hustles to get the spare bullet set between the frame rails for the final round.   Since his son Hayden had a sports event scheduled for this weekend, Jason Clark loaned his 327-powered, '66 Chevelle to his cousin Darren Morris this weekend as Morris' Pontiac had engine trouble. Morris, who won the Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock combo in Atlanta at the previous race was looking to continue his win streak here in Bowling Green, but unfortunately only gained first-round points. As fate would have it, Hayden's obligation was cancelled and he and his dad were able to attend the race anyway. Get your eliminations and True Street Results right HERE. Qualifying results are available here HERE.

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