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Proform Mopar Shaft-Mount Rocker Arm Kits for LA and B/RB Engines to Increase Performance

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The Proform race-proven Mopar aluminum roller rocker arms will unleash the horsepower for Chrysler LA (273-360) or B/RB (383-400) applications. The rockers have a 1.5 ratio, and can accommodate a maximum spring diameter of 1.55 inches with an open spring rating of 650 pounds. Mopar shaft-mount rockers also reduce side-load on valve stems due to the longer pivot length of the arms themselves. They also increase valve train stability and mounting stiffness. Each rocker arm is precision machined to ensure consistency and ratio accuracy. The Mopar emblem is prominently displayed atop each arm against the deep black anodized finish for a look that is equal to their functionality. Inside the arms, bronze bushings provide a friction-free environment for the rocker to pivot on. To keep the bushing area lubricated, each rocker is equipped with an internal oiling system that allows oil to come up through the shaft and into the rocker underneath the bushing, while channels and holes in the bushing allow for the oil to lubricate the pivot area. The adjustable push rod tips allow for precise lash adjusting. Mopar shaft-mount rocker arm kits are a great choice for any street ride looking for that next level of performance, for a weekend at the strip, or on the street. Includes sixteen aluminum roller rockers, hardened shafts and spacer hardware. Use stock bolts to attach the shaft to cylinder head. Features: Chrysler LA (273-360) or B/RB (383-400) applications 1.5 ratio, maximum spring diameter of 1.55 inches and open spring rating of 650 pounds Precision machined rocker arms for consistency and ratio ccuracy Black anodized finish with Mopar emblem on each rocker arm Bronze bushings inside each rocker for friction free pivot point Equipped with internal oiling system Adjustable push rod tips for precise lash adjusting Includes sixteen aluminum roller rockers, hardened steel shafts and spacer hardware LA Engines.......... P/N 440-869 B and R/B Engines .....P/N 440-868 For more information, call Ryan Salata at 586-774-2500 or visit (Content courtesy of Proform)

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