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Strange Engineering Offers Choice of Master Cylinders

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Strange Engineering has provided superior braking components for the aftermarket automotive industry for decades. One of the key components to any braking system is the master cylinder. Strange offers two different bore size master cylinders that can be mounted either on the firewall, like most OEM configurations, or to the frame rail via the side mounting holes that are cast into the body. The Strange dual inline master cylinder is ideal for vehicles requiring four wheel braking. The 1.032 bore master cylinder (B3360) is recommended for vehicles using OEM brakes, or, a combination of 4 piston rear brakes and single piston/two piston front brakes. The 1.125 bore master cylinder (B3359) will allow optimum volume and pressure for vehicles using 4 piston calipers on the front and rear. Strange Engineering offers adjustable proportioning valves, residual valves, and pressure test gauges to optimize your brake system. For more information, call 800-646-7618 or visit (Content courtesy of Strange Engineering)

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