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Mickey Thompson/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw Gallery INSIDE Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals

Posted By: Derek Putnam
The 11th annual Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals, presented by MAHLE Motorsport, at Atlanta Dragway provided a unique opportunity for the 275 radial racers in NMCA Mickey Thompson Street Outlaw and NMRA VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw. The two categories run as one due to the rules package being a direct crossover. This year the NMRA/NMCA tech officials put the two Street Outlaw categories in-line with the popular X275 class, enabling those racers to compete for a championship in either series. Rising to the top of the field at Atlanta Dragway was the two-time NMRA champion Phil Hines and his 2001 Mustang GT. Hines entered the competition still figuring out his new engine and driveline combination, having increased displacement, adding a new billet intake manifold, and installing a new torque converter over the winter. He decided to remove the new ProCharger F-3A-106 and go back to his familiar F-1X. The move would lose a few psi of boost in high rpm and alter the boost curve, however the less power was exactly what Hines needed to get down the track smoothly. In fact, the 4.373 at 164.49 mph performance would not only serve as a record run in NMRA and NMCA competition, but also a personal best for Hines in X275/Street Outlaw trim. Hines was in good company with the tight field as NMRA point's leader Vince Palazzolo was a tick slower with a 4.392 and Shawn Pevlor a gasp of air behind that with a 4.392 effort. The rest of the field consisted of James Lawrence with a 4.418 from his KBX Performance 1995 Mustang Cobra, John Urist clicked off a 4.459 in his Coyote-powered S550 Mustang, and Rob Goss held down the final position with a 4.464 at 163.81 mph. In eliminations, Pevlor, Goss, and Palazzolo all advanced to the semifinals. Palazzolo lined up against Pevlor in the classic turbo vs. nitrous rivalry. Palazzolo showed his prowess on the tree by leaving first with an .035 light to Pevlor's .051 reaction time. The slight advantage would prove to be the difference at the stripe, as Palazzolo got there first with a slower, but winning, 4.453 at 159.91 mph to Pevlor's 4.443 at 151.54 mph. Goss had a bye run to the finals. In the finals, Goss raced into the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle by taking the win with an impressive 4.389 at 167.84 mph to Palazzolo's 4.395 at 162.78mph run. Goss shared an impressive stat with us'since last summer, they have won every round of competition when they put the HHP Racing Challenger in the beams. They've lost rounds due to broken parts, but they've never been outrun in that time period. Goss recently overhauled his 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT Drag Pak with chassis upgrades by Southern Speed Racing and a new BES Racing Gen III HEMI. A new billet block resides under a set of OEM cylinder heads and a new ProCharger F-3A-102 supercharger provides the boost. They currently hold the second quickest run in X275 history with a stellar 4.239, which was set a month ago during the Duck X Sweet 16 competition. [envira-gallery id="13230"]

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