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New Product Moroso GM LS Ignition Wire Sets with Aluminum Boots

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Moroso released GM LS Ignition Wire Sets with aluminum shielded spark plug boots, Part No. 73659 have blue wire, Part No. 73679 have red wire and Part No. 73730 have black wire. The wires are 9-. long, fit Moroso Tall Valve Covers or OEM Valve Covers, OEM and Aftermarket Coils. Like all Moroso Ultra 40 ignition wire they have a highly engineered spiral wound conductor, locking stainless steel terminals that fold over and crimp, stay connected and won't vibrate loose like core crimped brands and a silicone jacket that protects against heat, chafing and contaminants. The end result is More energy to the spark plugs with less electrical interference with only 40 Ohms of resistance per foot. Lastly the Aluminum shielded spark plug ends are resilient to high temperatures. For more information visit

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