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MAHLE Motorsport Introduces LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kit for LS Engines

Posted By: Mike Galimi
MAHLE Motorsport is now offering the LSX Combo PowerPak for LS-style heads available as a Dish, Dome or Flat Top. The LSX Combo PowerPak is a new 20cc forged piston kit designed with universal fit valve pockets for LS1/2/5, LS7 or LS3/92-style heads. Whether users are building an LS street engine or an all-out race engine, this adds a new level of power and performance, as well as versatility for builders of LS engines. The LS engine is so popular that on any given day, someone could be rebuilding an LS7 or modifying an LS1," said Joe Maylish, MAHLE Motorsport Sales and Program Manager. "Finally, we have a piston kit that gives builders the option to get the job done quickly and with a brand they trust. Having this in a shelf stock is a game-changer, especially when you are busy with multiple LS engine jobs. Forged from 2618 alloy for high temperature strength, the LSX Combo Piston Kit features a slipper skirt style forging, and as with all PowerPak kits, the piston kit is engineered to exacting tolerances for superior reliability and performance. Piston specifications for the LSX Combo Dish are 4.000 to 4.080 bore size, 4.125 stroke, 6.125 rod length, 1.050 compression height and 0.927 pin diameter. A 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm file fit performance ring set is included. The LSX Combo Dome PowerPak does not fit 5.3L, 706 or 862 truck heads. The LSX Combo Flat Top is available also in a 4032 alloy (part # 930226525 and #930226530). For more information, visit, or call 888-255-1942. (Content courtesy of MAHLE Motorsport)

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