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Friday Coverage | 2023 PRI Show

Right out of the gate, the PRI Show was at full power for its kickoff today, but the action hits its stride today as the show hits its midpoint as the weekend begins. If the crowds at the show are any indication, the racing industry is as healthy as ever and the interest in automotive performance remains strong.


Today our quest to find the hottest new high-performance gear continues as we cover more ground within the Indianapolis Convention Center. So far we have seen some great stuff on every aisle of our journey, but there is still more ground to cover.


Of course, tonight our attention turns to the two back-to-back awards ceremonies celebrating the effort and success of the racers who earned championships and Top 10 finishes in a wide range of index and heads-up classes.


For now, however, here are some hardware highlights that we spotted on the show floor…


Wiring a race car is challenging, and keeping the wiring tidy can make that more daunting. For those who want to easily add sensors to an engine control harness, ARC engineered its SIM-8 and SIM-8 ECU. The former allows cleanly adding up to eight three-wire sensors to a wiring harness. They can be added as needed without the need to modify the harness. Meanwhile, the latter unit also supports eight sensors but added four ground-triggered relays as well.


Modern Hemi engines are powerhouse performers, but for those who want to keep pushing them into the stratosphere, Dart created its Gen 3 Hemi Iron Eagle engine block. Featuring Siamese bores, thick decks, and priority main oiling, the block is engineered with billet steel main caps for durability and scalloped water jackets for improved cooling. It accepts factory-style motor mounts, roller lifters, cams, and front engine dress. 

Ford Performance is now shipping its cast-iron Coyote race block (PN M-6010-M50X) which is cast from a proprietary grade class 50 iron. Engineered for big-power boosted engines, it features longer bores and a revised deck that delivers more durability. It also makes use of rugged billet main caps secured with ARP hardware. Based on the 2011-2017 Coyote engine block, it will accept Gen 1 and 2 Coyote heads as well as Gen 1-3 Shelby GT350 heads.

The fueling specialist at Kinsler evolved their mechanical pump line with a full range of Series 2 Tough Pumps in 8.9-, 10.8-, 12.9-, and 15.8-gallon-per-minute sizes. With features like a stout, one-piece driveshaft, robust housing, and 12-stud retention of its front cover, these pumps can handle as much as 400 psi. With bolt-on fittings that allow a wide range of inlet and outlet sizes from 8AN to 16AN, these pumps are built to endure harsh environments, keep pace with engines spinning as high as 10,000 rpm, and feed huge horsepower. 

Proform continues to expand its carburetor line, and the latest players to join the game are the Titan Series Carburetors. Designed for big-power racing machines these carbs are available in 1,050-, 1,150-, 1,250-, and 1,450-cfm flow rates. Featuring Next-Gen metering blocks that allow tuning the carburetor, which is supported by a sight glass in the fuel bowl, and hex-head squirter screws. These carbs are calibrated from the factory and benefit from reduced-drop fuel ramps to rein in fuel slosh and 12-hole annual boosters for precise atomization.

We recently detailed QA1’s Proma Star front struts for Mustangs, and the company now offers these coilovers for ’82-’92 Camaros. Available in single- and double-adjustable versions, these dampers feature an inverted-strut design with a large-diameter shaft that reduces deflection for more consistent performance. They offer a 0- to 2-inch ride-height adjustment and can be paired with a wide range of spring rates. They also benefit from lightweight aluminum caster/camber plates for precise alignment adjustments. QA1 is also offering lowering kits for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 and 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado pickups.


Reducing weight, enhancing durability, and improving efficiency are all key to making the most from a combination. To that end, Strange Engineering’s Dynamic Drive Mount System is designed to eliminate all thermal stress from the front brake rotor mounting points to allow for unimpeded thermal expansion and reduce warping and cracking that can occur with bolt-on rotors. The Evolution S rotors in this stem are lighter than traditional units but provide a significant improvement in braking performance, while the Billet Evolution 1 calipers are stiffer, more resistant to heat, and reduce drag during acceleration.


Customer demand for a robust automatic for small-block Ford applications led TCI to develop this 4X 4L60E Transmission Package. It includes an adapter bell housing and the proper flexplate to mount the transmission. Those parts are available separately or paired with a complete transmission setup from dipstick to cooler that is rated for as much as 500 lb-ft of torque. These arrangements would be a great fit for cars competing in Drag ’n Drive and  True Street categories.


Building an LS engine for big power means filling it with robust internal components, and Wiseco pistons are just that. The company’s RED series forged pistons for a wide range of Chevy engines, as well as Ford’s Modular powerplants, bring a Race Engineered Design based a 2618 aluminum forging. They sport features like an engine-specific, strutted design that improves strength and reduces weight, as well as an ArmorGlide skirt coating that reduces friction and wear. Horizontal slot oiling ensures wrist pin and small-end connecting rod oiling, while an accumulator groove ensures a reliable ring seal. 


There is still a lot of heat in the small-block Chevy kitchen, and World Products continues to evolve its block lineup. The company previewed its forthcoming Motown III small-block Chevy iron block, which is set to arrive next year. Built with a stout, .700-inch-thick deck, cross-fed lifter galleys, and splayed four-bolt main caps, these blocks are ready to support big power. Designed to accept dry- or wet-sump oiling, they bring modern features to the storied small-block Chevy platform, and they will accent standard or step nose-style camshafts.

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