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Saturday Coverage | 2023 PRI Show

Yesterday, both series closed out the 2023 campaign by celebrating the 2023 season champions, Top 10 finishers, and specialty award winners. It was a great night filled with reflection and fanfare. However, today we are back at it on the show floor as the PRI Show heads for the finish line.
With plenty more ground to cover, hands to shake, and parts to see we are on a mission to check it all out before the lights go off. With the close of the show, the final event of this season is an awards dinner for winners from the Chevrolet Performance-backed categories, including Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, LME Street King presented by Chevrolet Performance, Proform Rumble presented by Chevrolet Performance, COPO NA Heads-Up presented by Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, and COPO Battle presented by COPO Parts Direct.
As today's festivities wind down, it will be full send on the 2024 season, but until then,  here are some hardware highlights that we spotted in Indy…

Everyone knows that Aeromotive’s expertise is pumping fluids. While that began with fuel systems, the company now offers a wide range of water pumps, including this direct-mount unit for Chevrolet’s popular LS engine family. Tipping the scales at only 8.3 pounds, this pump is rated a 40 gallons per minute at 2 psi while drawing 13.5 volts. It is spun by an efficient brushless motor sealed in its case by a reliable O-ring. The company also offers direct-fit electric water pumps for Ford Coyote and Chrysler Gen III Hemi engines.

Making power with a 2025-2023 Mustang is no problem, and thanks to a full complement of upgrades from BMR Suspension, applying it to the pavement shouldn’t be an issue either. The company showed off its front-to-back coverage for the S550 Mustang with this on-its-side display at the show.

Stick-shift racing means having full command of your clutch engagement, and thanks to this innovative tech, you can fine-tune that actuation from your smartphone. The BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller is a hydraulic manifold that takes control of hydraulic clutch actuation via the company’s control unit. That unit can be tuned by using a companion smartphone app for quick and easy adjustments at the track.

With the proliferation of supercharger systems utilizing air-to-water intercoolers, finding ways to cool the inlet charge and improve air charge density is a way to gain an edge. Intercooler Chiller offers these plug-and-play Intercooler Chiller systems that tap into the factory air conditioning systems on modern Chevrolet and Mopar machines to eliminate heat soak and increase engine output. The company also offers universal systems for other applications.

With Godzilla development roaring, Jesel now offers its Street Pedestal Rocker Arms for Ford’s 7.3-liter V8. Machined from 4240 billet steel, these roller rockers can support higher valve lift and increased valve spring pressures. With a heat-treated steel trunnion riding on dual needle bearings, they are built to last and their threaded ball allows for easy valve lash adjustments. Jesel also offers a belt drive arrangement to supplant the factory timing chains.

Tuning the 2024 Mustang might be a challenge, but for those that want to easily enhance performance, JMS’ PedalMax plugs in between the throttle pedal and the factory wiring to offer an improvement in throttle response and an increase in low- and midrange horsepower and torque. The device is adjustable with an optional remote knob, and it is compatible with aftermarket tuning when that is available.

Ford’s modern pushrod engine, the Godzilla engine can benefit from tried and true performance upgrades, like more aggressive camshafts. Melling showed of a series of billet steel Stage 1, 2, and 3 camshafts for Ford’s 7.3-liter that can deliver anywhere from 50 to 100 more horsepower. The Stage 1 and 2 cams provide a performance improvement with the factory valve springs, while the Stage 3 unit mandates performance springs for the biggest gains.

GM’s 632-cube big-block crate engine delivers a whopping 1,000 horsepower out of the box. If you want to ensure that it has the necessary ignition firepower to deliver its full potential, Moroso created this BBC Coil Mount, Bracket Kit, and Wire Set to streamline the ignition installation on these potent powerplants. Designed to mount LS2-style coils, the kit supports Moroso’s Ultra 40 8mm spark plug wires. The company also offers a Valve Cover breather kit for these engines as well as an oil-fill cap, valve cover gaskets, and more.

Ever innovating, the crew at Scoggin Dickey Parts Center took Chevrolet Performance’s popular SP502 crate engine to a new level. By adding high-compression pistons, a hotter hydraulic roller camshaft, and CNC-ported oval port heads, SDPC increased the engine’s output by more than 100 horsepower. Dubbed the SP502/605 Deluxe, it is rated at 605 horsepower and 580 lb-ft of torque, this big-block also benefits from a new 7-quart oil pan that makes swapping it into a variety of vehicles much easier.

With the recent updates requiring head and neck restraints for any vehicles running more than 150 mph on the track, you might be in the market for this safety device. Stroud is showing off the latest in HANS technology from Meru Safety, the Meru Ascent FHR with IDS, which is said to dramatically decrease the occurrence of concussions. It does so via the inclusion of an Inertia Dampening System that controls and slows head movement. Its internal damper features speed-sensitive valving to ensure driver comfort, yet is durable enough to withstand thousands of impacts.

The tuning challenges presented by the latest Mustangs aren’t slowing the development on the hardware side. VMP Performance previewed a version of its proven Odin TVS supercharger system configured for the dual-throttle-body induction deployed on the Gen 4 Coyote 5.0-liter engine that powers both the 2024 Mustang GT and Dark Horse. Depending on the configuration and supporting mods, this system can deliver huge power from 11 or more pounds of boost, so it should wake up a new Mustang.

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