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Thursday Coverage | 2023 PRI Show

As the racing season gives way to winter weather there is no time to slow down, as the off-season means making deals, introducing fresh gear, and revealing news. That’s what goes down for the next three days in the Circle City as the racing industry converges in the Indianapolis Convention Center for the annual PRI Show.
Naturally, the ProMedia team is on hand meeting with racers, sponsors, and track partners, while we on the media crew are prowling the sprawling displays that line almost every inch of the convention center seeking the exciting new hardware that might just find itself on your hot rod in 2024.
So stay tuned to this site for the next few days as we cover highlights from this year’s show.

A familiar sight for NMRA and NMCA fans are the ROUSH Mustangs driven by Susan Roush McClenaghan and Donnie Bowles. Both of these propane-powered ponies carry championship credentials, and they are on display as part of PRI’s EV & Alt Racing section.
For bolt-on power without the expense of CNC porting, Air Flow Research created these LS3 Enforcer Rectangle Port 260cc cylinder heads. Built with the same performance hardware as the company’s CNC-ported offerings, they feature PAC valve springs, hardened spring cups, ductile-iron seats, and AFR stainless steel valves.
Modern machines demand modern solutions and Haltech’s new low-profile, 10-inch digital dash can bring a car’s cockpit up to speed with a full-color, optically bonding TFT screen inside a sleek, powder-coated aluminum housing. Not only does it deliver onboard datalogging, but it is compatible with engine control units using CAN bus or OBD-II connections, as well as a wide range of aftermarket ECUs, including those from Haltech.
The Gen 4 Coyote under the hood of the 2024 Mustang GT and Dark Horse carries and unique exhaust manifold mounting pattern. As such, Kooks Headers & Exhaust developed these 1 7/8x3-inch long-tube headers for the latest V8 pony cars. Mandrel bent from 304 stainless steel tubing they feature 3/8-inch-thick, laser-cut flanges and one-piece collectors fitted with the company’s patented scavenging spikes, which improve exhaust flow.
In case you missed these in our SEMA Show coverage, Livernois Motorsports worked its CNC porting magic on Ford’s Godzilla cylinder heads resulting in airflow of 370 cfm on the intake side and 242 cfm on the exhaust side. When fitted with the company’s optional, 1mm-larger stainless steel valves, those numbers grow to 375 cfm on the intake and 255 cfm on the exhaust.
Dazzling with a host of beautiful billet gear, Late Model Engines showed off parts for the Bow Tie and Blue Oval crowds. The company’s new billet dry sump oil pan for Chevrolet LS engines features three scavenging sections and compatibility with any aftermarket dry-sump oil pump. Meanwhile, LME’s Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla front cover, billet timing set, and oil pan allow replacing the factory pump and pan for much easier swap fitment in a variety of vehicles.
Bringing the boost for a variety of platforms, ProCharger showcased this big unit designed for Pro Mods and mega-power radial racers. Dubbed the F4X-136, it is spun via the company’s CrankDrive arrangement, which is available for a wide range of Chevy and Ford engines as well as aftermarket powerplants from BAE, Noonan, and Visner. This big blower delivers as much as 4,200 cfm of airflow and 55 pounds of boost to support combinations as potent as 3,200 horsepower.
Common in drag applications TH400 transmissions can be built to handle huge power with hardware like this new heavy duty forward drum from Sonnax. A great fit for transmissions built for any power level, this chrome-moly steel unit is light and strong, clocking in 3 pounds lighter than a stock unit and just 3 ounces more than an aluminum drum.

For forced induction fans ready to push their combos deep into four-digit territory, Vortech developed its V-13 94C supercharger. An upgrade from its popular V-7 unit, the V-13 delivers more than 1,950 cfm of airflow and 35 pounds of boost thanks to the shared impeller design from the company’s V-30 94C blowers. That impeller spins on a large diameter shaft mounted inside a billet machined gear case and cover that ensures durability. It will support in excess of 1,500 horsepower.
In the racing world, stopping is just as important as going fast. To ensure your braking system can keep up with all the performance onboard, VP Racing Fuels engineered its  622 Brake Fluid. This fully synthetic fluid delivers one of the highest wet boiling points of any DOT 4 fluid. It delivers improved pedal feel, reduced fade, and resists vapor lock.

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