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Wilson Manifolds 123mm Blow-Off Kit

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Wilson Manifolds 123mm Blow-Off Kit
It takes a combination of great parts to get the most out of your NMRA or NMCA race machine. Many racers rely on boost from turbocharging or supercharging and this requires a solid tune and boost control to ensure maximum power and reliability.
Boosted machines running at the highest levels of competition are moving massive air into an engine. However, if conditions require pedaling, your throttle can slam shut and be caught between boost and hard place.
To allow an efficient escape route and to ensure that the throttle blade and charge piping remain intact, a high-flow blow-off valve is in order. To that end, Wilson Manifolds created its 123mm Blow-Off Kit, which includes the blow-off valve, V-band clamps, and a 123mm high-boost throttle body. Designed to create a low-pressure zone that quickly evacuates boost, this Blow-Off valve system eliminates reversion when activated, but channels airflow to the throttle body for improved power output when not in use. This can be a real part saver in those situations when you do have to dump throttle due to wheel spin or even at the end of the run.
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