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VP Racing Lubricants Pro Grade 0W-20 Full Synthetic Oil

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
VP Racing Lubricants Pro Grade 0W-20 Full Synthetic Oil
Every performance enthusiast knows the importance of engine oil and lubricants. As the core, engine oil lubricates the internal surfaces such as bearing faces, crankshaft journals, rods, lifters, etc.
Racers look to find the balance between durability and performance, by selecting a viscosity that provides the necessary protection with the least amount of parasitic loss. Oil has to be pumped, so in most cases a lighter grade will create less drag on the pump and move easier through the engine.
With proper lubrication pumping through a race engine, it will perform at a high level for a longer period. VP Racing Lubricants crafted its Pro Grade 0W-20 full synthetic oil to deliver on both of those tasks. Imbued with proprietary anti-wear chemistries that are paired with friction and viscosity modifiers that boost horsepower and lower engine-operating temperatures. The oil also packs a dispersant detergent package that limits engine deposits and enhances the oxidation stability of the oil. A great fit for high-power, high-rpm big-block engines, the Pro Grade 0W-20 oil is designed to protect flat-tappet and roller camshafts.
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