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Stock & Super Stock at the 2023 NHRA Northeast Division Micro Strategies Dutch Classic

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Stock & Super Stock at the 2023 NHRA Northeast Division Micro Strategies Dutch Classic
By Evan J. Smith
Photography by the author
As winter nears, the northeast is transformed into a palate of fall colors. And last weekend, the RPD staff enjoyed the foliage, along with loads of horsepower, in eastern Pennsylvania at the famed Maple Grove Raceway. Since 1971, NHRA sportsman racers have flocked to The Grove (just outside of Reading, Pa.) for one last chance to go fast at the Micro Strategies Dutch Classic. 
“The House of Chaos” as Maple Grove has been dubbed since the Koretsky family has taken it over, was filled with some of the nation’s best racers as the Micro Strategies NHRA Open Series held its final event for 2023. The place was looking better than ever with new asphalt in some pits area, a very clean look and great traction.
For many decades, the Pennsylvania Dutch Classic has been a serious “go fast” event, as racers in Stock and Super Stock typically take advantage of the oxygen-rich October air. As usual, record runs occurred on Thursday and Friday, followed by Class eliminations and final eliminations. The event was completed a day early due to imposing weather that looked to be very cold and windy on Sunday.
We got there early on Thursday and saw a few record runs and lots of great machinery. On track, it was a wheels-up scene with Stocker and Super Stockers flying high. The event also features NHRA’s three .90 categories along with Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Competition Eliminator and a Hemi shootout!
Like NMCA Micro Strategies Stock and Super Stock, NHRA Stock and Super Stock is a showcase for American muscle, and the Dutch Classic didn’t disappoint. We counted over 160 class cars with virtually every brand and combination represented. Naturally, we wanted to share our experience with you, so please enjoy our extensive photo gallery.
2023 Dutch Classic Winners
Competition Eliminator
W Jay Schonberger
RU Calvin Hill
Hemi Shootout
W Steve Comella
RU James Daniels
Super Stock
W Phil Lankford
RU Tom Boucher
W Matt Lisa
RU Jeff Kovalik
Super Comp
W Phil Lankford
RU Chase Fahnestock
Super Gas
W Dan Walleigh
RU Tom Goldman
Super Street
W Mike Lubniewski
RU Dave E’nama
Top Sportsman
W Bob Gaetano
RU George Forster
Top Dragster
W Karl Stephenson
RU Christopher Mattern

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