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Red Line Oil Lightweight Racing Automatic Transmission Fluid

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Red Line Oil Lightweight Racing Automatic Transmission Fluid
Many NMRA and NMCA drag racers rely on a high-performance automatic transmission. The harsh environment of the drag strip requires high-quality fluid and that’s why racers choose Red Line Oil Racing lubricants.
In drag racing, there is a delicate balance between reducing friction and delivering optimal protection. For popular transmission choices like the Powerglide and Turbo 400, Red Line Oil offers its Lightweight Racing Automatic Transmission Fluid. Its low viscosity reduces friction for lower elapsed times and higher top speeds, but it also sheds heat to improve the longevity of the clutches, gears, and seals. It also delivers extreme pressure protection for improved film strength to coat those parts. The fluid is available in eight different viscosities to fit a wide range of combinations. 
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