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Return to Racing! Safety First NMCA Announcement

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
We are excited to get back to racing with the Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals at Atlanta Dragway after a prolonged break. There are several announcements we would like to make you aware of several changes, like the WEDNESDAY opening of the gates which requires ADVANCE TICKET purchase for entry as there won't be a cash line on Wednesday. We encourage all racers to use the FOAT ticketing to help speed up the gate and reduce human contact. Other information below pertains to steps NMRA/NMCA are taking to protect our employees and guests like social distancing for Registration, Online Tech, Contingency, and two Waiver forms, as well as restricting the Tower Control Room access to employees only. It is all laid out below but nothing that isn't out of the ordinary if you've been to stores, restaurants, or the airport. We look forward to seeing everyone next week and start making normal life a regular thing. Safe travels!
  1. Early Racer Parking Permitted on Wednesday June 24th - Gate opening hours 2pm 7pm.
    1. The Gate will have scanners only No ticket sellers on Wednesday
    2. Must purchase online
      1. 4-day racer online ticket
      2. 4-day crew online ticket
    3. All Racers that have not purchased online will go into stacking lane for entry on Thursday morning.
  2. Gate operation during event (Thursday-Sunday)
    1. Purchasing your racer, crew and or spectator tickets online is recommended
      1. Cuts down on the human interaction at the gate.
      2. Speeds up the gate entry process
    2. Purchasing racer, crew and or spectator tickets at the gate is functioning as normal if desired.
  3. Registration
    1. Normal NMRA/NMCA registration is operating as always.
    2. New Registration forms are online for racers to fill out, print, and bring to the event. This will speed up the registration process and cut down on the human interaction.
      3. Registration Safety Precautions.
        1. Registration personal will:
          1. Maintain 6 social distancing in line.
          2. Wear masks
          3. Wear gloves when appropriate
          4. Hand sanitizer provided for all at registration
          5. Pens will be single use with disposal receptacle provided.
        2. ETI (Extended Tech Inspection) tech process
          1. Take advantage of this program, by applying and getting a yearly ETI sticker at tech during your first/next event.
        3. Staging Lanes
          1. We will be using all staging lanes.
        4. Front of Tower
          1. Restricted access area in front of the tower Social distance in restricted access area.
        5. Starting Line Area
          1. Crew is permitted on the starting line with their car. Once the car has run, crew must retire to the restricted access area in front of the tower and social distance in that area.
        6. Time slips for the Atlanta event
          1. Time slip administration will be handled as it usually is with some additional precautions.
            1. Time slip team members will have protection for both racer and themselves
              1. Wearing personal protection equipment if desired.
              2. Using an extension rod with clip to hand time slip to racer
            2. Text Message System -
              1. Follow instructions at this link:
                1. NMRA
                2. NMCA
              2. OR See Angela Nine or Morgan Hixon at registration for personal instruction on messenger system.
            3. Tower Control Room Access
              1. Race control will be restricted to access by essential NMRA/NMCA/ARP Staff only. IE Computer personal, Race Control/Competition Director, Announcer/ Safety and Tech Directors, Racing Ops Director and Event Director.
              2. If access by non-essential staff/ Racers/ etc. is necessary must maintain social distancing upon entry to control room by adhering to instructions from staff.
                1. We would prefer that these type questions or concerns are brought to registration, so that Gene, Angie, Morgan or Rollie can handle or contact race control via radio or phone.
              3. Racer Fuel
                1. VP Racing Fuels midway trailer will be located on the midway in its normal location for the NMRA/NMCA Georgia event.
                2. Track Fuel Station will be operating (Sunoco Fuel)
              4. Helmet rental program suspended indefinitely due to Covid guidelines
                1. Racers that show up without a helmet or with an illegal helmet for competition will have to purchase one from vendors on the midway in order to compete.
              5. Track concessions will be open and will be employing all recommended CDC guidelines.
                1. Full menus and drinks
              6. Track Restrooms
                1. Concrete restrooms will have designated IN and OUT Doors. Please use designated entry and exit.
              7. Local restaurant and eating establishments Many are open or will be open by the time our NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals begins. List includes these that we were able to contact:
                1. Applebee's Dine in (Group of 8 max, separated if over 8) Open until:
                  1. Wed Fri until 11pm
                  2. Sat Sun until 1am
                2. Hawg Wild BBQ & Catfish House
                  1. Thurs Sun 11am 8pm
                3. Cracker Barrel Dine In (Group of 8 max, separated if over 8)
                  1. 8AM 9PM ALL WEEK
                  1. 11AM 10PM M-S
                5. Longhorn Steak house Dine in (Group of 8 max, separated if over 8)
                  1. Sun-thus 11am 10pm
                  2. Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
                6. Koji Japanese Steakhouse Take out only
                  1. 11am 2:30pm
                  2. 4:30pm 9pm
                7. La Hacienda Dine in (limited to 6 in each group)
                  1. M-S 11am 10pm
                8. Sonny's BBQ Dine in (separated if more than 8 in a group)
                  1. M-S 11am-10pm
                9. Most Fast Food Establishments
                  1. Take out and drive-through
                10. Waffle House Dine In
                  1. Open 24 hours
                  2. Limited to 20 guests at a time
                11. Sunday Church Service with Social Distancing
                  1. Held at car show tent at the end of the midway.
                  2. Seats will be spaced so as to abide by recommended social distancing guidelines
                  3. Area is provided for drive-In type parking of carts
                12. Aerospace Winners Circle Experience
                  1. Limited to racer, racer's crew and family.
                  2. One NMRA/NMCA represented and one Aerospace Components representative will facilitate/participate in the Aerospace Winners Circle experience.
                13. Racer Payouts
                  1. Normal payout process/procedure at the NMRA/NMCA registration trailer
                  2. Using social distancing while in line.
  NOTE: IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK OR RUNNING A TEMPATURE Do not come to the event. Stay home, stay safe, and protect others.

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