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NMRA and NMCA champions choose Driven Racing Oil

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
NMRA and NMCA champions choose Driven Racing Oil
By The RPD Staff
In order for any racer to achieve success in either the NMCA or NMRA series, it’s imperative to choose the right performance products. Smart racers know this, which helps explain why so many use Driven Racing Oil.
To understand why the right choice of oil is so important, it’s perhaps best to start with a brief history lesson. 
Driven Racing Oil was born from Joe Gibbs Racing and formulated specifically for all-out race and high performance engines. In 1999, Mark Cronquist and the Joe Gibbs Racing engine department, which builds engines for NASCAR and other forms of racing, continued to experience flat-tappet camshaft failures on the dyno and at the racetrack. Over $500,000 worth of engines were used in testing and evaluating prototype versions of the BR break-in oil and XP1 racing oil.
By 2004, Joe Gibbs racing had completed an entire season of grueling NASCAR competition without a single engine failure, while independent tests confirmed the performance of Driven Racing Oil. The XP1 and BR products were officially launched at the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.
Today, Driven Racing Oils offers a wide variety of products for an equally wide range of applications, including drag racing. Since drag racing engines tend to see higher rpm and greater loads compared to street engines, they require higher levels of Zinc, Phosphorus, Sulfur and other additives to prevent premature part failure. This is especially true in flat-tappet engines, which many racers use in NMCA and NMRA competition.
As you imagined, Driven Racing Oil contains the correct additives, like Zinc, Phosphorus and Sulfur in addition to the highest quality base oils to protect an engine.
So, what makes Driven products different? In simple terms, the company always puts the "Motor ahead of the Molecule." Driven keeps things in the proper order. The oil is for the engine, not the other way around. The product development team looks at the engine and how it is used; then they design specific products using a "zero compromise" approach that delivers a measurable performance advantage. 
Over the last two decades, Driven Racing Oil has experienced tremendous growth and the product line has expanded to include a vast offering of products including break-in and assembly oils, cleaners and waxes, coolant system products, diesel oils, fuel and oil additives, direct injection oils, gear oils, oil filters, greases, powersports oils, storage protection, and transmission fluids, too.
There are more than two dozen championship classes in the NMRA and NMCA Drag Racing series and there is a tremendous diversity among vehicles, including everything from 200-plus mph Pro Mods to street-legal modern muscle cars, to vintage hot rods. Fortunately, the Driven Racing Oil product line is equally as diverse with products for virtually any application, which helps explain why the two entities are such a perfect fit for each other.
If you’re seeking more information, head to The website has a wealth of data and you can get with the experts who will answer your questions.

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