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NMCA Technical Committee Makes Rule Clarification and Parity Adjustments to Holley EFI Factory Super Cars

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Effective immediately, the NMCA technical committee has made weight adjustments and clarified the rear suspension based on information and performance results over the last few races. The new minimum weight for the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak vehicles utilizing the supercharged, 5.7L combination will increase from 3,550 pounds up to 3,575 pounds. The Chevrolet COPO Camaro entries using the supercharged, 5.7L engine and the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet with the supercharged, 5.0L combination will run at a 3,525-pound minimum weight, a reduction from the 3,550-pound minimum prior to the rule change. Additionally, NMCA technical representatives clarified the rear the suspension rules. The factory OEM rear suspension for year, make and model being used is mandatory. Aftermarket Lower unit must be non-adjustable and have bushed ends (no heims). Click <HERE> for the latest information.

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