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Moroso Early GM LS Oil Filter

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Moroso Early GM LS Oil Filter
For many decades, Moroso has been dedicated to delivering race-winning and show-stopping performance products. You may not know that in addition to manufacturing high-performance oil pans, Moroso also sells its own line of oil filters.
As you know, keeping oil clean is critical to the longevity of any engine, but that is especially true in performance environments. To get that job done, Moroso offers high-performance oil filters for a wide range of applications, including this filter for 1997-2006 GM LS engines.
These filters carry a 10,000-mile service interval and filter down to 20 microns thanks to its 27-micron filter element. With a 300-psi burst rating, these rugged filters are tested to the SAE j806 standard and to ensure reduced pressure drop, higher flow, and fewer instances of bypass opening. It is compatible with all racing fuels in the event of cross-contamination between the combustion chamber and the crankcase.
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