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Circle D Specialties GM 258mm Pro Series 4L80E Torque Converter

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Circle D Specialties GM 258mm Pro Series 4L80E Torque Converter
Overdrive is something most street enthusiasts can’t live without, especially those running in Circle D Specialties True Street. In fact, Circle D is always on the cutting edge of technology for overdrive transmission torque converters. Recently, the team at Circle D has developed something new for GM’s popular 4L80E automatic transmission.
Designed for the drag racing environment, Circle D Specialties developed its range of Pro Series Billet Torque Converters that will give you quicker acceleration and elapsed times. CNC-machined in Houston, Texas, these units feature billet steel bolt-together rings using billet steel front cover options that simplify the disassembly and assembly of the units for stator swaps by way of jack-screw locations clocked 120 degrees and timed dowel pin locations that properly align the halves.
These converters are furnace-brazed, hand-tig-welded, and fitted with Torrington bearings, billet pistons, and flanged impeller hubs that reduce flex. They are available in 230mm, 245mm, 252mm, 258mm, 264mm, and 265mm sizes to suit a wide range of applications.
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