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Libersher Lands Chevrolet/John Force Edition 2020 COPO Camaro Auctioned for Charity

Posted By: Mike Galimi
By Mary Lendzion Photos courtesy of Scott Libersher As far as collections go, Scott Libersher has one of the coolest. That's because it's a collection of COPO Camaros that Libersher, his son Leonard Libersher and son-in-law Danny Condon race in various categories, including NMCA's Holley EFI Factory Super Cars and Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock Combo. The trio is super-successful in the cars, and Libersher even earned a season championship in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars in 2017 and Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock Combo in 2018. Now, his collection is ever larger, as he purchased the Chevrolet/John Force Edition 2020 COPO Camaro at the Barrett-Jackson Auction, held Jan. 11-19 at Westworld of Scottsdale in Arizona The car has an LSX-based 350 cubic-inch engine topped with LSX-SC heads and a 2.65L Magnuson supercharger. It wears a special Chevrolet/John Force Edition graphics package that differs from a similar graphics package for production 2020 COPO Camaros. According to Libersher, Force helped design many of the car's interior and exterior elements, and the car features Force's autograph. I saw the car at PRI in Indianapolis and SEMA in Las Vegas, and it just popped, said Libersher. I knew it was going to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson, and I knew I could see it again there. Libersher, who has attended the well-known auction fifteen times, became even more interested in bidding on the car when he found out that the money from its auction would benefit Donors Choose, a charity whose mission is to help students in all communities have the classroom tools and classroom experiences they need to ensure they're learning at peak levels. My wife, Kim, and I, loved everything we read about the Donors Choose charity leading up to the auction, said Libersher. My wife has several family members who work in the public education system, so that means a lot to us, and knowing that our money would go to an organization that helps students made my interest in the car go from 20 percent to 100 percent. While Libersher is back home in Illinois, his car is still in the back of a trailer being transported from Arizona to its new home in Libersher's shop. According to Libersher, who's understandably excited about everything that has happened in the past few days, it's race ready, and he plans to run limited races for charity and take it to car shows. Fans can also expect to see the car, which is Libersher's ninth COPO Camaro, on display at the 15th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, July 30-Aug. 2 at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="16068,16067"]

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