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Modern Racing Solid-State Battery Disconnect

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Modern Racing's new Solid-State Battery Disconnect uses the latest in Mosfit technology to bring your team added safety. The system features no moving parts and weighs only one-third that of a traditional mechanical disconnect. The simple and reliable construction is designed specifically for the harsh environment of motorsports. The system triggers in multiple ways, ensuring more safety on and off the track.
  • Weighs 0.5 lbs
  • 300A Continuous Usage (1200A surge)
  • Safe for 5V 30V
  • Low-Voltage Protection
  • Measurements: 3 7/8in by 2 7/8in, and 1.112in thick
  • Accepted for use in the NHRA Pro-Stock and Pro-Mod classes
We worked with NHRA to develop a simple and reliable system, with three trigger ground wires. The recommended wiring diagram includes a driver's switch, an exterior large button-style switch, and a fire-suppression pressure switch. Switches are included in our master kit. The disconnect is recommended to be installed as close to the battery as possible, and the three activation wires need only be 22g (recommended minimum size). This wiring diagram creates a safe, simple, and easy-to-install system. The disconnect features a billet 6061-aluminum housing. The nearly-indestructible design has gone through g-force and vibration testing to ensure it will withstand the harsh environments of motorsports. It's lightweight too, at only 0.5 lb, it's one-third the weight of a traditional mechanical switch. Finally, an LED indicator light built into the body, allows you to monitor the system and aids in troubleshooting. Modern Racing owner Justin Elkes developed the solid-state disconnect after a near-tragedy last season. A collection of unfortunate events led to an uncontrollable fire. Flames engulfed the rear of the car, and the track crew was unable to reach the master switch. Simultaneously a short activated the starter, causing the mechanical fuel pump to feed fresh fuel to the fire. After the car returned to Modern Racing, Justin became determined to find a better solution to the old technology. This new system allows for multiple triggers, meaning the fire-suppression system, driver, or track crew can activate the disconnect. This layered safety reduces the chance of another dangerous fire on or off the track. The MR Solid-State Disconnect is available alone or as part of a master kit, which includes a driver's switch, an exterior button switch, a fire-suppression pressure switch, and a matching connector. For more information, visit or call (704) 576-7337.

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