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Holley Two Piece Ford Style Valve Covers for GM LS Engines

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Holley Two Piece Ford Style Valve Covers for GM LS Engines
When it comes to NMCA drag racing, there’s endless vehicle and powertrain combinations that are available to racers. With that, there is no challenging the potency of the LS engine platform and its popularity as an engine swap in a wide range of vehicles.
While it is common to see these engines in all types of vehicles, the cross-pollination of a General Motors engine in another domestic manufacturer’s vehicle is not without controversy. That is particularly true when it comes to swapping this popular powerplant into a beloved Blue Oval machine — the Fox Mustang. In fact, some racers have gone to great lengths to even make the LS look like a Ford with blue paint. Now the task is easier with Holley’s latest LS valve covers.
Whether you want to keep your swap on the down low, or you want to troll your Ford friends, these new, two-piece valve covers from Holley give your LS swap part of the 5.0L H.O. Ford look, which will leave onlookers scratching their heads and asking questions about your machine.
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