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Holley Has Released Mid Mount Accessory Drive Systems for GM Gen V LT4/LT5 Engines

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Holley has released LT4 and LT5 Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Systems, which pull accessories in tighter than ordinary accessory drives for an integrated original-equipment-look. Three new versions are available: One for dry-sump LT4 engines, one for dry-sump LT5s, and one for wet-sump LT4s. A splined dual-bearing system eliminates belt stress on the power-steering pump's internal bearings, ensuring a long service life, and the supercharger drive maintains the original belt path and tensioner. For LT-swap applications, a throttle-body angle-correcting adapter better positions the TB for easier intake-tube routing, the bottom-outlet swivel heater hose creates more clearance options, and OE pulley ratios allows for a larger SC crank pulley. For information, visit or call 866-464-6553. (Content courtesy of Holley)

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