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Heatshield Products' New Pro-Boot Shield Helps Protect Spark Plug Boots from Heat & Prevent Misfires & Premature Wire Failure

Posted By: Mary Lendzion
Heatshield Products' new patent-pending Pro-Boot Shield spark plug boot protector keeps spark plug boots from being damaged by underhood heat, including from exhaust manifolds or headers, thereby preventing ignition misfires or failure and potential engine damage. Spark plug boots are constantly exposed to radiated or direct-contact heat, whether a vehicle has a cast-iron exhaust manifold or steel-alloy tubular exhaust headers.

Pro-Boot Shield is rated for a constant 1,200 degrees F of radiant heat and 2,000 degrees F intermittent heat, which is possible through the use of Heatshield Products specially formulated Lava thermal-barrier material and additional heat insulation from the inner Tac Armor Liner. Pro-Boot Shield's sealable ends further block out heat by making sure heat cannot get trapped inside the boot's airspace, while keeping dirt and debris from building up inside the boot. Pro-Boot Shield comes in pairs or sets of eight and is available in a Stealth Black finish or Lava carbon-fiber style finish.

For more information, visit or call 844-723-2665. (Content courtesy of Heatshield Products)

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