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Heatshield Armor Exhaust Insulation

Posted By: Steve Baur
Heatshield Products Heatshield Armor exhaust insulation is 10 times easier and faster to install than traditional heat wraps while providing heat reduction and exhaust scavenging benefits. 
Heatshield Armor provides multiple benefits, including a significant reduction in heat that’s being radiated by the exhaust – a boon to any vehicle without air conditioning – and also decreased spool time and exhaust lag on turbo engines. Beyond the overall improvement in exhaust performance, insulating the system also decreases the volume of heat that the underbody components will be exposed to, helping to extend their lifespan. 
Additionally, the outer layer of Heatshield Armor can be painted with high-temp paint without any surface prep.  Spray and go, not spray and pray.

Heatshield Armor uses a specially formulated BioCool material, which has a 4-mil-thick, high-temperature, aluminum-alloy exterior for additional protection. The insulation material is able to withstand up to 1,800 degrees F of constant, direct-heat contact and 2,200 degrees F of intermittent heat. The material won’t cause skin irritation or itchiness during installation.
Cutting and shaping for fitment requires only a heavy-duty pair of scissors and a sharp knife or razor blade. Attaching the insulation is as simple as using Heatshield Products Thermal-Tie locking ties or the Power Anchors system, both of which allow for removal and reinstallation of the insulation as needed.
Heatshield Products has engineered and manufactured heat-barrier products for more than 30 years, serving the performance and racing industry with the highest quality products at competitive prices. The company is family owned and operated, and proudly makes its products in the USA.
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