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REKUDO Suspension System For 1970-1981 Camaro and Firebird

Posted By: Steve Baur
Holley is pleased to announce the release of awesome new products this week. Rekudo has launched a new suspension system for 1970-1981 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird that combines modern suspension geometry with an original equipment look and improved braking capability.

OEM cars from the 1970s were designed for narrow bias-ply tires and had notoriously poor handling. Consumers today want to upgrade to modern wheel and tire packages and improve their handling. However, many times that required upgrading to suspension systems that utilize tubular control arms to get the improved steering geometry and desired stance. While this is fine for the race-inspired crowd, it clashes with the styling of a restomod, restored car or more classic themed car.
Rekudo has solved this problem with its new suspension kit for the 1970-1981 Camaro/Firebird platforms. This suspension system is an auto-cross inspired modern suspension system that retains the original equipment (OE) appearance, style, and strength utilizing all new stamped upper and lower control arms. Each component is fully engineered to work together as a system for modern handling that is suitable for street driving, auto-cross, and track days. Now you can retain the OEM look, but get all the benefits from modern caster settings, camber curves, lowered stance, upgraded brakes and improved shocks/sway bars.

Note: The front spindles must be used with 4-piston C3 style front brakes (1968-1982 Corvette). The brake rotors dust shields are the stock 11.75” diameter and are for use with factory style C3 Corvette Calipers.

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