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E3 Spark Plugs Jumpstarts 2020 Enters Lithium Battery Market with the E3 Lithium High Performance 12-Volt Automotive Battery

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
E3, a leading U.S. manufacturer of performance spark plugs and DiamondFIRE ignition racing products, unveiled today at the 2019 SEMA Show the company's plans to launch a line of high-performance lithium batteries designed for street and track. The E3 Lithium line of high-performance, 12-volt batteries sets a new performance standard for batteries of all classifications. By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, E3 Lithium offers outstanding cycle life, high charge acceptance, and up to a 60 percent weight reduction over lead-acid batteries in addition to outstanding cold-cranking power unmatched in the industry. Leaving lead-acid, AGM, and even traditional lithium-ion batteries languishing behind in the dust, E3's UltraPhosphate Technology is a quantum leap ahead in the power supply market. UltraPhosphate Technology was previously available only to OEM automobile manufactures and top flight Formula 1 racing teams. But E3, the inventors of the dyno-proven DiamondFIRE Technology Spark Plug, have changed all of that with the introduction of E3 Lithium. Available in early 2020 in 60-Amp-Hour and 40-Amp-Hour configurations, the 12-volt E3 Lithium with UltraPhosphate Technology offers multiple benefits not available with lead-acid batteries lighter weight, dynamic charge acceptance, extreme cold temperature performance, extensive cycle life and long-lasting reliability and durability. Designed to be the last battery ever to be purchased for your vehicle, the E3 Lithium is ideal for performance vehicles, both on and off road, hybrids with regenerative braking, and race vehicles requiring a faster charge time and less battery weight. E3 Vice President of Motorsports Rob Fisher, said, Introducing a line of E3 batteries was a logical step as we look at market opportunity and growth potential for our company, but we weren't about to just bring another me-too product to the market. The E3 battery had to be revolutionary and it had to outperform everything else out there. We believe we've done that by making UltraPhosphate Technology available to the aftermarket only in the E3 Lithium line of batteries. Fisher continued, We are beyond excited with this new product category that fits perfectly with our high-performance ignition product line. This has been an exciting new venture and has the potential to develop for multiple markets while keeping in line with our strategy to build performance and environmental stewardship. The E3 Lithium battery will be available for distribution by the first quarter of 2020. For more information about E3's Lithium high-performance 12-volt battery and other E3 high performance ignition products, visit

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