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Continued Celebration Aerospace Components Winner's Circle at all NMCA Events in 2019

The NMCA Muscle Car Nationals is proud to announce Kim Kussy, President of Aerospace Components is continuing their long-standing sponsorship of the biggest party of the event weekend with the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle for 2019.

The Aerospace Components Winner's Circle, formed in 2015, provides racers, families, and friends a chance to celebrate the monumental moment in style and with fun after a weekend of hard work. Kim and Al Kussy of Aerospace Components will be on hand to help present the Edelbrock Victor trophy, Aerospace Components Winner's Circle hats, and the winner's check at the conclusion of the event weekend.

In their ninth year as a major supporter and sponsor of ProMedia Events & Publishing, Kim Kussy shared, We are excited to be sponsoring the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle with NMRA and NMCA events in 2019. Last year's Aerospace Components Winner's Circle was such an awesome celebration with specialty trophies, hats, and photos for the racers, their teams and for everyone involved. We're looking forward to once again supporting the racers and their teams, through our partnership with the great crew at ProMedia.

We are thrilled and excited to have Kim and Al Kussy of Aerospace Components as our Winner's Circle sponsor in 2019, said Steve Wolcott, President and CEO of ProMedia Event & Publishing. The Aerospace Components Winner's Circle helps create lasting memories for our class champions and caps off a weekend of fun at NMRA and NMCA events.

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