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Chuck DeMory, Jr. to Debut New Combination

Posted By: Mike Galimi
While longtime NMCA driver Chuck DeMory, Jr. spent the past few years tracking down some trouble with his combination, he's just about ready to rumble, and this time, his 68 Mustang will be packing a potent 525 cubic-inch big-block Ford built by Jasiek Racing Engines. I had been noticing the success Steve Summers was having with his Jasiek-built engine in Pro Mod, and how he never had to work on it, so at the NMCA race in Joliet in 2014, I introduced myself to Jeff Jasiek, told him of my challenges, and asked if he could help me, said DeMory, Jr., of Geneva, Illinois. He told me to bring my engine to him so that he could analyze it, and after he did, he said he'd like to design and build a new one. Because everything had to be made and fabricated one-off, it took some time, but we brought the engine home in March of this year. It features an aluminum CNC Motorsports block and Thor Gen 2 heads ported, polished and set up with Jesel valvetrain components by Al Neal of Neal Induction Systems. The Marcella Manifolds intake from DeMory, Jr.'s previous combination sits on top along with a Marcella Manifolds-fabricated 165mm billet aluminum throttle body and dual 550-pound Precision injectors. Ready to whistle in front is a ProCharger RaceDrive F-3R 136 blower. I know I could have switched to a 481X or Brad Anderson Hemi, but I've bled Ford blue my whole life and I wanted to stay true to what I started with by going with another big-block Ford, said DeMory, Jr. It didn't make sense to me to go with anything other than that. Chuck 3 Helping to plant the massive amounts of power will be a Proformance Racing Transmissions-built Turbo 400 and Coan Super Mega XL billet bolt-together converter with a Lenco Drive input, and Patrick Barnhill and Jason Lee of PTP Racing are on-board to dial it all in with DeMory, Jr. Bob McDonald at Jesel helped us engineer the billet shaft mount rockers, keyway lifters, bearings and billet belt drive system to allow longevity to the upper end that will withstand the heat and rpm to take advantage of the ProCharger, said DeMory, Jr. The determined driver, whose crew chief is his dad, former IHRA Pro Stock racer Chuck DeMory, Sr., will soon shake down the car and combination and then decide whether he'll steer toward NMCA VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod or Mickey Thompson Radial Wars. We'll test first on slicks and try to run sub-3.90s for Xtreme Pro Mod, and if we have to push the tune-up too hard, we might move to drag radials and the Radial Wars category, said DeMory, Jr. It's been really hard sitting out the past year, but I want to take the time to make the right choices, and I want be a good representative for ProCharger and the people who have supported me. Chuck 2

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