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ARC (Auto Rod Controls) SIM-8 and SIM-8ECU

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
ARC (Auto Rod Controls) SIM-8 and SIM-8ECU
The cockpit of your race car is a special place and many racer take great care to arrange it in a fashion that fits their style and is efficient for racing. One item that’s critical is the electrical switch panel, is you’ll use it to power up the vehicle, start the engine and control electrically driven devices like the water pump, fuel pump, fan, intercooler pump, lights, etc.
When selecting a panel, it’s important to go with a system can easily be integrated to your car and other components. It’s also important to work with a company that can support your needs in terms of wiring and trouble shooting.
With that, ARC (Auto Rod Controls) is proud to introduce the ARC Sensor Integration Module-8 and the Sensor Integration Module-8-ECU. These are specifically designed for EFI applications, in which the user wants to wire multiple sensors back to the ECU. Until now this has been a cumbersome process as every sensor would require a Sensor Power, and Sensor Ground, and a Sensor Signal from the ECU.
This product allows you to clean things up by bringing a single Sensor Power and Ground to the board and it is distributed through the board to handle up to 8 individual sensors. Included with the SIM-8 is a 10-conductor shielded wire, which carries power and ground as well as 8 individual inputs to the ECU. The SIM-8 also has a diagnostic LED which will light when sensor power is present at the board.
The SIM-8 can also be helpful in troubleshooting connectivity issues. For example, if you are not sure if a particular input you have assigned is working correctly you can simply move the sensor to a different terminal on the SIM-8 and just assign a new input for diagnostic purposes.
The SIM-8-ECU is the same part, but it has 4 ground-triggered relays on the same board as well. Simply bring a ground output from the ECU to the SIM-8-ECU and you will have a 40 Amp relay at your disposal for any accessory you choose, up to 4.
Imagine if you will, a car with an Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Water Pump and Fan/Trans Cooler in the back of the car. You can simply bring 3/4 outputs to the SIM-8-ECU and use the ECU to control these accessories wither automatically or with digital switches. The SIM-8 also has a dedicated optional shield circuit to help minimize RF noise.

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