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21st Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
21st Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance  
NMCA Muscle Car Nationals Car Show Series
Showing Off

Written by Steve Turner
Photography by Dr. Rudy Rouweyha
The final event of the season in any racing series always brings excitement on the track as racers jockey for event wins and season points tallies. However, there is more to an NMCA Muscle Car Nationals event than just drag racing. In addition to the sprawling manufacturer’s midway, there is always a companion car show filled with gorgeous examples of Detroit iron. At the 21st Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance, that show was close to the starting line, so you didn’t have to go far to enjoy a wide range of muscle machines, and here we are hitting some highlights from the final NMCA show of 2022;

Best of Show

Looking better than the day it rumbled out of the factory, Larry Frederick’s 1962 Chevy Belair stole the hearts of the judges and earned the Best of Show honors. The immaculately detailed machine features an equally detailed 409 underhood, and it also scooped up the Best GM award on Sunday before Fredrick headed home to Petersburg, Indiana.

This one is a looker inside and out and has the turbo LS power underhood to back up its flashy bravado, which contributed to earning the Directors Choice Modified award. However, it was the 1967 Camaro’s smooth and silky finish that earned the Best Body & Paint honors for Tony Scott at the 21st Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance

The late ’60s Camaros garner the lion’s share of attention from enthusiasts, but the late ’70s era had its moments as well. Helping keep those cars in the conversation is Charles Brisco’s 1979 Z-28 Camaro, which earned the Best Engine honors for the Madison, Tennessee, resident.

This writer is partial to the S197-era Shelbys and it seems the judges in Indy concur. Larry Durham scored the Best Late Model with his stock 2009 Shelby GT500. 

Dodge Darts might get overshadowed by the likes of Chargers and Challengers, but Derek Miller’s 1973 Dodge Dart rose above the competition in Indy to score the Best Chrysler Muscle before racing home to Speedway, Indiana. 

Rocking restomod style, Chris Wilkerson’s 1967 Mustang nabbed the Best Ford Muscle honors at Lucas Oil Raceway.

Mike & Diane McLemore scored this 1940 Chevrolet from duty as a fishing car back in 1968 and modified it into the fun driver they wanted. They drove home to Washington, Indiana, on the ride with the Best Interior award from the 21st Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance. 

In the category for Best Falcon, Fairlane, or Maverick on Sunday, it was Dan Brancolini’s droptop 1964 Falcon Sprint that took top honors. 

2022 NMCA Indy Car Show Award Winners
Special Recognition Awards:
1. Mark Brasel   Danville, IL   1965 Cobra
2. Gene Bolding    Greenfield, IN   1965 Impala
3. Brian Eslaire    Brownsburg, IN   1969 Camaro Z28
4. Brian Knight   Indianapolis, IN  1966 Nova
5. Tony Scott    Greenville, KY   1967 Camaro
6. Dan Wilhelm   Danville, IN   1967 Chevelle
7. Frank Garrison    Clayton, IN   1972 Nova
8. Charles Brisco   Madison, TN   1979 Z-28 Camaro
9. Duane Burge   Indianapolis, IN   1966 Nova
10.  Mark Hauk   Shelbyville, IN    1966 Impala SS
11. Harold Galloway   Pierceton, IN   1967 King Midget 
12.  Walt Klitsch  Clayton, IN   1966 Plymouth Satellite
13. Dean S.    Pittsboro, IN   1969 El Camino   
14.  Mandy Vogel   Crawfordsville, IN   2016 Mustang GT 
15. David Bauer   Trafalgar, IN    1957 Chevrolet
16. Chad Bauer   Indianapolis, IN   1963 Chevy II
17. Jim Norwood    Indianapolis, IN   1971 Camaro
18. Mike Richards   Brownsburg, IN    1973 Pontiac GTO
19.  John Eppen    Greenwood, IN  1948 Olds
20. Lockhart   1952 Chevrolet
Directors Choice Awards:
·   Best GM Muscle
·   Winner: Doug Purtee   Fairland, IN  1969 Camaro Z-28
·   Best Ford Muscle
·   Winner: Chris Wilkerson    Greenwood, IN   1967 Mustang
·   Best Chrysler Muscle 
·   Winner: Derek Miller   Speedway, IN  1973 Dodge Dart
·   Best Late Model
·   Winner: Larry Durham    Indianapolis, IN  2009 Mustang Shelby    
·   Best Truck
·   Winner:  Jimmie Vogel III     Crawfordsville, IN   1981 Chevy Sierra
·   Best Street Rod
·   Winner: Cliff Medenwald       Indianapolis, IN   1933 Ford Roadster
·   Best Traditional Hot Rod
·   Winner: Mike McLemore   Washington, IN   1940 Chevrolet 
·   Directors Choice Conservative
·   Winner: Larry Frederick    Petersburg, IN   1962 Chevy Belair
·   Directors Choice Modified
·   Winner: Tony Scott    Greenville, KY   1967 Camaro   
·   Best GM of Show 
  • Winner: Larry Frederick    Petersburg, IN   1962 Chevy Belair
·   Falcon, Fairlane, Maverick 
·   Winner: Dan Brancolini      Avon, IN   1964 Falcon
·   Best Ford of Show 
·   Winner: Corbin Braeger    Coatesville, IN   1954 Ford
·   Dodge Truck
·   Winner: Sean Medcalf     Indianapolis, IN   1939 Dodge Truck
·   Best Chrysler of Show 
·   Winner: Jeff Dickerson   Indianapolis, IN    1970 Plymouth Cuda
·   Best Engine 
·       Winner: Charles Brisco   Madison, TN   1979 Z-28 Camaro    
·   Best Interior 
·   Winner: Mike & Diane McLemore   Washington, IN   1940 Chevrolet
·   Best Body & Paint 
·       Winner: Tony Scott    Greenville, KY   1967 Camaro    
        Best of Show 
        Winner: Larry Frederick    Petersburg, IN   1962 Chevy Belair    

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