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Wide Variety of Remote Oil Filter Adapters From Aviaid

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Wide Variety of Remote Oil Filter Adapters From Aviaid
Lubrication systems pioneer Aviaid has expanded its line of remote oil filter adapters to include CNC machined billet aluminum units for three popular sizes of OEM and aftermarket spin-on type filters that include 3-, 3-5/8- and 4-1/2-inch diameter canisters. And for vintage applications, Aviaid offers the original Traco cast aluminum adapters for the standard Chevrolet (3-5/8-inch) filters.
Additionally, Aviaid manufactures special billet aluminum remote pressure regulators with mounts to accommodate 3-5/8- or 4-1/2-inch diameter filters. They come with a pair of 1/8-inch NPT ports (female) for use with oil pressure and oil temperature gauges and there are also taps for accessories like a valve spring oiler, turbo feed, etc.
The larger regulator for HP6 filters comes with a choice of 1-1/2x12 or 1-1/2x16 threads, AN-12 in/out ports and an AN-10 bypass. The HP4-sized adapter comes with 13/16x16 thread, utilizes AN-10 line ports (plus AN-06, AN-10 or AN-12 hose adapters) and has an AN-8 bypass.  They are designed for O-ring seal fittings. Two pressure relief springs are included.
Founded in 1961, Aviaid Oil Systems remains at the forefront of lubrication technology. The company offers complete dry sump systems for virtually any 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12-cylinder engine. For details visit, call 818-998-8991 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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