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Video Inside Nitto Tire Confirms Commitment to Street & Straight Line Performance with NT555 G2, NT555R, & NT05R

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Nitto Tire entered the domestic high-performance over twenty years ago and its popularity grows stronger every day. A long-term relationship with the street-legal drag racing sanctioning bodies NMRA and NMCA has helped put its products in front hundreds of thousands of street performance enthusiasts who are interested in straight line performance. Its flagship performance tire, the NT555 was designed nearly two decades ago and the engineering team decided to update it. Nitto Tire released its NT555 G2 as the latest ultra performance summer tire with a host of upgrades. First is a new rubber compound to provide better traction but not wear out quickly. For enthusiasts who run staggered sizes, the tread blocks are larger on tires that are 275mm and larger, which enhances traction. There are now two center ribs on the NT555 G2 that help straight line traction and grip capabilities. Because this is a street tire, the engineers have added circumferential grooves in the center grooves and shoulder grooves to help channel water, aiding in wet handling. And finally, the shoulder tread blocks are reinforced to help with dry and wet cornering. For enthusiasts who are still interested in a more hardcore drag racing tire that is DOT-legal and suitable for street use, Nitto Tire still offers its popular NT555R and NT05R drag radials. As a note, the NT05R is standard equipment on the Dodge Demon, the highest horsepower and quickest production street-legal vehicle. Dodge Demons regularly run in the high 9s and low 10s during NMCA competitions in 2018 in the special Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout. For more information on the NT555 G2, NT555R, and NT05R performance tires, visit Nitto Tire at

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