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Uncover Vehicle Potential with SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor is here and now users can uncover what their vehicles can really do. View real time data on customizable gauges. Review vehicle's data and performance tests with SCT's free software, Livelink. Extend the possibilities with additional inputs for analog sensors and backup camera, using the EGT Sensor kit (part number 9817). It's all right there with the SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor. Gauges/monitoring: Display vehicle data using the 4 touchscreen with on-screen customizable gauges. Data logging: The touchscreen display lets users data log engine functions for playback using SCT's LiveLink software. Diagnostic tool: Reads and clears DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) with ease. Performance tests: Measure realtime performance data, such as 0 to 60, mile and braking test times. For information, visit (Content courtesy of SCT)

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