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Turn 2 Racing Communications Continues Its Support Of NMRA and NMCA

Posted By: Evan j. Smith
Turn 2 Racing Communications Continues Its Support Of NMRA and NMCA
Santa Ana, California [12/12/2023] — In the heat of competition, clear communication can mean the difference between success and failure. That is true for race teams and the sanctioning body operating the event. When it comes to NMRA and NMCA events, radios and a crucial component of synchronizing the efforts of the event staff.
“When we are putting on an event, communicating with a large staff stationed across an expansive facility presents a challenge,” NMRA and NMCA General Manager and National Event Director Rollie Miller said. “To ensure our team can pivot in an instant, we need quality radios to enable the communication needed, particularly when there is an on-track emergency.”
Fortunately, Turn 2 Racing Communications stepped up as the Official Radio Provider of the NMRA and the NMCA more than a decade ago. The company outfits the event staff with reliable radios that keep the entire team in sync at every race throughout the season, and that will continue throughout the 2024 campaign.
"Working with NMCA /NMRA has been an awesome experience for us. I can't think of a better racing series to be partnered with. Not only have we built a great business relationship but a personal relationship as well,” Brian Lynch, Owner of Turn 2 Racing Communications, said. “The crew over at NMCA/NMRA, including Rollie, Steve, and the rest of the gang over there not only treat us like family. I can't believe we are in year 15 of this partnership and I look forward to the next 15.”
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