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TorqStorm Superchargers Adds Big Bonuses for Customers that Win in NMCA True Street

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
TorqStorm Superchargers is kicking off 2021 race season with a huge announcement it will increase the True Street Overall Winner's purse to $1,000 for competitors that run a TorqStorm supercharger. They will also increase the prize for TorqStorm customers to $500 if they win a 9-second, 10-second, 11-second, 12-second, 13-second, 14-second, or 15-second category. The TorqStorm Supercharger bonus program is in effect for all six NMCA races in 2021. The NMCA is such a great place to race and to showcase our products, so we are thrilled to continue giving back to our customers, said Chris Brooker of TorqStorm Superchargers. Rollie Miller, General Manager and National Event Director for the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals carried the same sentiments. Chris and his TorqStorm team do a great job activating their sponsorship with an on-site product display, along with several customer cars to showoff the superchargers capabilities at every NMCA event. TorqStorm Superchargers offers single centrifugal supercharger units capable of up to 700 horsepower, while its twin system is capable of producing 1,200 horsepower on certain applications. The company is the title sponsor of one of NMCA's largest categories, known as TorqStorm Superchargers True Street. The all-inclusive street-car category includes a 30-mile parade through the countryside before competitors embark on a round-robin, three-run challenge to create an average ET. Those average times are used to declare an Overall Winner and Runner-Up, as well as crown the winner's with the quickest 9-second, 10-second, 11-second, 12-second, 13-second, 14-second, and 15-second averages. Click <<HERE>> for more information about TorqStorm Superchargers True Street.

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