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TorqStorm LS Conversion Single Supercharger Kit

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
TorqStorm LS Conversion Single Supercharger Kit
NMCA fans are familiar with the TorqStorm brand of superchargers and the many levels of performance they can help you reach. In fact, you can see TorqStorm superchargers in action at many NMCA events, especially in TorqStorm Billet Superchargers True Street.
One of the most recent releases is designed for the GM LS line of engines. For many performance enthusiasts, Chevrolet’s LS engine is the go-to powerplant for swapping into just about anything. If an LS swap is in the cards for you but you want even more power, TorqStorm Superchargers offers this LS Conversion Single Supercharger Kit.
Designed to increase engine output by more than 150 horsepower, the kits include the supercharger, brackets, eight-rib belt drive, hardware, air filter, blow-off valve, straight thermostat housing, and everything needed for the installation. They are available as a Base Tuner Kit, a Base Tuner Kit with an alternator, and a Base Tuner Kit with an ATI Damper and Pulley.
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