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Tech Review—QA1 Proma Star Mustang Struts

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Tech Review—QA1 Proma Star Mustang Struts
Written by Steve Turner
Photography courtesy of the manufacturer
One of the most versatile performance vehicles on the market, Ford’s Mustang is at home galloping on the streets, carving up the corners, or blasting down the drag strip. Making power is no problem, but planting that power to the pavement is a challenge unless your suspension is upgraded with the proper supporting hardware.
For those seeking a higher level of suspension control and adjustability for 1979-1993, 1994-2004, and 2005-2014 Mustangs, QA1 developed its new Proma Star struts that are versatile enough to excel in high-performance street and racing applications.
“We designed the Proma Star coilovers strut from the ground up, with a clean sheet approach,” Charles Hebig, Senior Designer at QA1, said. “The result is an innovative, ultra-lightweight, high-performance solution that enhances handling and traction for both street and race applications. We’re proud of the outcome.”
Featuring beautifully machined aluminum bodies that support an inverse strut cartridge, the lightweight assembly reduces unsprung weight by 5 pounds. They can be paired with a range of spring rates to deliver the ideal setup for your pony car’s combination and intended use.
“It’s going to mean several performance advantages to you with this inverted design it's going to keep it as a lightweight package — one of the lightest coilover assemblies on the market — and keep the unsprung weight real low for free suspension movement,” Trevor Weis, Technical Support and Sales at QA1, explained. “Also, the performance of it is going to be very high in that the piston rod. With such a large diameter is really going to resist a lot of flexing under high inputs and high loads, keeping the alignment of the car more consistent throughout the travel and keeping the driving confidence there even when you’re really loading up the suspension.”
The strut’s machined body allows for independent adjustment of the spring preload and the ride height. It can lower the car by as much as 2 inches to suit your combination’s needs or create the stance you desire. They are also available with adjustable rebound or adjustable rebound and compression. Each features an 18-position range of adjustment to soften or tighten the response to the conditions.
“We've got our single adjust valving. This will be really tailored to street cars anywhere from a cruiser car to a pretty high-performance-style street car, and even some moderate track-day setups,” Weis said. “It’ll really shine in those applications and then we also have a double-adjust option as well, which allows you to tune your compression valving independent from your rebound valving with that amount of control you can tune the car to perform for weight transfer at the drag strip you can keep body roll down if it's a handling application like an autocross or track car so a lot of versatility in the strut valving as well to suit any needs.”
In addition to the adjustments offered by the strut body and inverted cartridge, the caster/camber plates included with the struts offer a complete range of adjustments to optimize the alignment for street driving and all-out racing.
“It’s really a fantastic solution for just about any strut-front-end car that you’re looking for the most amount of performance out of it, and the ride height adjustability suitable in just a whole variety of applications from the smoothest riding street cars to the highest performing race applications and anywhere in between,” Weis added.
QA1’s Proma Star struts bolt right in and can be paired with the company’s other upgrades to improve the performance of Fox, SN-95, New Edge, and S197 Mustangs.

“I can confidently say that this product transforms the on-car performance,” Damien Brase, Fitment Technician at QA1, said. “The Proma Star struts offer a level of responsiveness and control that sets a new standard for Mustang suspension. Our third-party test partners are raving about the performance improvements.”

Built with a machined aluminum body and an inverted strut design, QA1’s Proma Star struts for ’79-’14 Mustangs improve performance by reducing unsprung weight and resisting sideloading while offering adjustability. 

The Proma Star’s machined aluminum body not only reduces unsprung weight by 5 pounds but allows for independent adjustment of the coilover spring preload and the ride height, which can be lowered by as much as 2 inches.

The aluminum caster/camber plates included with the QA1 Proma Star struts are not only lightweight, but they add a bit of jewelry to a Mustang’s engine compartment. “I’m thrilled to highlight how these struts and caster/camber plates combine top-notch aesthetics with top-tier performance,” Jesse Cowlers, Product Manager at QA1, said. “The caster/camber plates look especially great under the hood of these cars.”

This red-anodized knob allows selecting 18 different settings on the single and double-adjustable models. The single-adjustable units allow for adjusting rebound, while the double-adjustable units allow changing both rebound and compression for more demanding performance applications.
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