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Tech Review Aerospace Components 2010-2015/2016-2019 Camaro Brake Kits

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
  Written By Steve Baur Photography Courtesy of Aerospace Components and Gwatney Performance Innovation From the whirling, buzzing and busy CNC machines at Aerospace Components comes the company's latest high-performance brake upgrades whittled out of billet aluminum and designed specifically for 2010-2015 and 2016-2019 Camaros. Aerospace Components offers both front and rear braking packages for the cars in three different configurations. Of course, there is a drag-race only kit, which is joined by a street and strip kit and a street and show option. Looking at the front brake systems, the drag-race option uses solid, lightweight rotors for the ultimate in weight savings the kit comes in at just 25.8 lbs for a 46lb weight savings according to Aerospace's research. The street and strip kit moves to vented rotors for better heat dissipation during repetitive braking on the street, and the street and show kit includes drilled and slotted, nickel-plated rotors for the best looking package anywhere. Both the latter two kits are said to weigh in at a svelte 31.9 lbs for a 40lb weight savings over your stock binders. Moving to the rear brakes, Kits are available for the same 2010-2015 and 2016-2019 models in the same three configurations. The drag-race setup drops 35.75 lbs off the back of the car, while the street and show versions each save you 30 lbs over the stock brake components. All of the Aerospace Components 5th- and 6th-Gen brake kits include the company's billet aluminum 4-piston calipers, billet brake hats, rotors, caliper mounting brackets, Hawk brake pads, and grade 8 hardware to assemble it with. The rear calipers are even direct bolt-on compatible! Aerospace Components put us in touch with one of the company's distributors for the Camaro kits, Gwatney Performance Innovation in Jacksonville, Arkansas, to get a little first-hand knowledge about the new products. "They came out with the 10- 15 front kit first and I really pursued them for the 16 and newer ones after that, said GWI's director of technical operations, Ryan Stevens. In talking about the differences between the 5th- and 6th- gen kits, Stevens said, They had to design a new rear caliper and package to clear the rear knuckle. The calipers are the same for both kits, but the offset on the rotors are different. Stevens added, You can run 15s all the way around, and there are huge weight savings about 45 lbs per end. The rear brakes do delete the emergency brake because of the aluminum hat, so manual transmission customers need to be aware of that. I've run Aerospace's street kit on my car, and then the drag fronts and then rears, but it's blown apart now for a different setup, and I'll be going to a spindle mount up front and will run their kit for that a well, Stevens told us. Here at GPI we use a ton of Aerospace Components products for the 10- 15 and 16-present Camaros. Aerospace has been very instrumental in our program because they have been so receptive to working with us. Aerospace Components is always developing new products for the marketplace while working with great partners such as GPI," noted Aerospace Components' Kim Kussy. "The release of the 10- 15 and 16-present Camaro kits helps racers stop better and have more options with wheel/tire packages for street and strip use. We see plenty of vehicles at NMRA and NMCA events with Aerospace Components brakes behind the wheels, and with the company covering all sorts of applications muscle cars to Mustangs, we're sure it won't be long before we see a set on a new Camaro in the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle as well. Sources Aerospace Components (727) 347-9915   Gwatney Performance Innovation (501) 985-4947  

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