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SunCoast 8HP90 Snake Charmer Hellcat Torque Converter

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
SunCoast 8HP90 Snake Charmer Hellcat Torque Converter
The Dodge Hellcat needs no introduction, as various forms of the muscular Mopar can be found at drag strips everywhere, as well as lurking on the streets. In fact, NMCA has a special home for these power house machines in the Dodge Direct Connect Shootout where any Gen 3- or Hurricane-powered vehicle can even race for free!
Monster performers in factory form, 2015, and newer Dodge Hellcats can ascend to much higher performance on the track with the right might of mods. To make the most of all that power underhood, a high-stall torque converter will allow for improved launches. The SunCoast Performance Snake Charmer converter for 2015+ Hellcat models with 8HP90 auto transmission offers torque multiplication for harder launches and lower elapsed times. It includes a billet stator with a wide range of stall-speed options and is proven on a 9-second 2018 Hellcat. 
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