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Strange Engineering Offers Nodular Iron Case for Street and Hardcore Street/Track Applications

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Strange Engineering continues to meet the needs of its customers by offering a nodular iron case designed for street and hardcore street/track applications, with posi units, helical differentials and lockers, but still rigid and strong enough to use with a spool. Strength and rigidity are key factors to a foundation that helps allow smooth and quiet gear operation. The Strange S-Series nodular iron case features nodular iron caps, reinforced tail bearing and a radial rib design for increased strength. The S-case is manufactured from premium nodular iron material by Strange in the USA. These assemblies come standard with a Daytona pinion support and the street gear of the user's choice. Spool and differential options are available to complete an assembly. Complete units start at an affordable price of $1029.49. For information, visit or call 800-646-7618. (Content courtesy of Strange Engineering)

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