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Strange Engineering Offering Full Line of 9 -inch and 10-inch Gears from U.S. Gear and Motive

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Strange Engineering is offering a full line of 9 -inch and 10-inch ring and pinion gear sets from U.S. Gear and Motive. Based on the popular 9-inch Ford design, these gears are capable of handling the ever-increasing horsepower in classes including Pro Mod, Alcohol Dragster, Alcohol Funny Car and Radial vs. the world. Gear ratios range from 3.25 to 5.14 in the 9 -inch gears and 3.89 to 6.20 in the 10-inch gears. These gears are designed to be used in the race-proven Strange Ultra Case, Billet case and top loader assemblies. For more information, call Strange Engineering at 847-663-1701 or visit (Content courtesy of Strange Engineering)

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