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Stifflers ’79-’04 Mustang Rear Coilover Conversion Kit

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Stifflers ’79-’04 Mustang Rear Coilover Conversion Kit
For many years, Stifflers has been a popular brand with Ford performance enthusiasts and racers. The line of great products just keeps growing, from suspension to the excellent driveshaft safety loops that Stifflers developed.
Continuing to develop new and exciting products, Stifflers created a Rear Coilover Conversion Kit that fits Fox, SN-95, and New Edge Mustangs. For those who want the ability to adjust ride height and easily swap out springs, the system bolts to the frame and offers adjustable control arm locations. Designed to fit stock or mini-tub setups, the kit allows for a wide range of coilover shocks thanks to 1 ½ inches of clearance.
This is a great kit for street/strip action and you can learn more at or by calling 317/837-2444.

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