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Sonnax 47RE/RH, 48RE Extreme Duty Intermediate Shaft Kit

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Sonnax 47RE/RH, 48RE Extreme Duty Intermediate Shaft Kit
NMCA and other modern Mopar racers are making huge power and that can call for an upgrade to your transmission. Thankfully, Sonnax has the answer with its new 300M steel intermediate shaft.
Pushing huge power through a Chrysler 47RE, 47RH, and 48RE transmission can be taxing for the factory internals. Offering protection against failure, Sonnax developed this 300M steel intermediate shaft for high-power competition vehicles. Its design features an improved rear/front spline design coupled with a quality manufacturing process that enhances strength and fracture resistance for the harshest conditions. With a torsional design that absorbs peak loads, a cross-section enhanced with larger rear spline diameters, and an undercut front spline, the shaft is more durable and it is a direct replacement for the factory unit. 
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