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Secured with Mac’s Custom Tie Downs

NMRA and NMCA secure equipment for safe travel with an assortment of Mac’s Custom Tie Down products
Photography by Kevin DiOssi

Each year the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals and Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals travel up and down the highways from the gulf coast of Florida all the way north to the Great Lakes region and several points between as it produces a dozen competitions each season. The logistics of moving the equipment up and down the highways takes long-term planning and relying on quality products to make sure that happens safely. Many times the transporters are pushed to the brink of DOT legal limits and Mac’s Custom Tie Downs are key partners in ensuring the packed trailers remain safe and organized.
To give you perspective, the two United Trailers haul a half of dozen scooters and two golf carts, a massive toolbox for the NMRA/NMCA Tech team, signs, tools, office equipment, and a full inventory of merchandise for the mobile Power Mall storefront. A complete line of fire/safety equipment is also fastened in place due to the in-house emergency response team. An assortment of TNT Rescue battery powered heavy-duty tools and cutters, first aid boxes, and personal safety equipment ride up and down the highways in the trailers, too. In the past, tie-down straps from the local truck stop or hardware store were employed but durability and quality for the unique cargo started to become a problem.
Rollie Miller, General Manager and National Event Director of the series, began looking into better products and he came upon Mac’s Custom Tie Downs. He wanted to solve the strap issues before it became a safety hazard. He said, “Mac’s reputation is one of high-quality and we needed their help after several broken strap incidents. The quality of the webbing prevents stretching, also the mandrel, ratchet, and hooks are stronger than other brands that we’ve tried in the past.”
The strap’s use is important when navigating Mac’s Custom Tie Downs’ website and the NMRA/NMCA rely on several types for different tasks. The two-inch straps are all rated to 10,000 pounds (regardless of end), are available with or without a ratchet tensioner, and have four optional end types. All material and webbing are high quality and significantly improve chafing and UV resistance, ensuring longevity for outdoor use. “After a half season of use, we’ve been really impressed with the lack of stretch and ease of use with ratchet release. And topping it off, the straps are made in the USA,” shared Miller.
The Twisted Snap Hook is one of the most popular ends due to its versatility and keeping the strap lined up. It also has a thumb release for easy use. The Flat Snap Hook is recommended when the D-ring creates a twist in the webbing; it too, comes with a thumb release. Both the Flat Snap and Twisted Snap hooks can be used with a D-ring, in certain situations. The third option is the Black Flat Hook, designed to tie-down on rub rails, over the edge of a trailer, or stake pockets. And the final end choice is Wire Hook, it can be used with stake pockets, D-rings, or rub rails as a jack-of-all-trades type of end.

The NMRA/NMCA rigs are also equipped with shelving that houses an assortment of tote boxes for miscellaneous accessories and the Mac’s Custom Tie Down 1-inch tie-down straps with S-hook ends keep the shelves from dumping into the walkway as the trailers move down the road. These straps are used to lock in place the various sponsor signs and smaller items. Miller wanted to add, “it might sound like a cheesy plug, but the Mac’s bag is far more useful than one could ever explain. We have upwards of 30 people working at these events and to store the straps in the bag and on a shelf has stopped them from getting lost through an event weekend.”
Keeping the staff mobile on the vast pieces of drag strip property is a squad of scooters, which aren’t the easiest to keep upright in a trailer. The Motorcycle Handlebar Tie-Down Harness is a slick way to secure each scooter. NMRA/NMCA chose to go with the cupped ends, which slide over the grips and the harness rides high and away from gas tank and gooseneck. It keeps the paint nice and doesn’t rub on any parts of the bike during transportation. The cupped handlebar harness is designed with a 1,800-pound minimum breaking strength per side. There is a Grip Soft Loop option for securing the handlebars and it offers the same bike protection as the cupped version.
Whether you spending tens of thousands of miles a year on the federal interstate highway system or dragging your car to the local track, securing your vehicle and support equipment is paramount to safety on the roads. The NMRA/NMCA trailers are more organized and safer with the use of Mac’s Custom Tie Downs products.

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