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QA1 Third-Gen Camaro Coilover Struts

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

QA1 Third-Gen Camaro Coilover Struts


Third-Gen Camaros have always been popular on the street and strip. And these days, chances are the stock powerplant has been upgraded to something making more power. With added horsepower comes the need for improved traction and thankfully, QA1 has what you need.

By this point older vehicles need refreshed suspension components, so why not add a higher level of adjustability and performance along the way? Owners of 1982-1992 Chevrolet Camaros QA1’s Proma Star coil-over strut kits are based on a lightweight inverted strut design and offer adjustable ride height and performance valving. They can be optimized to suit street or race environments via ride height adjustments, tuned spring rates, and 18 different rebound (single-adjustable) or rebound and compression (double-adjustable) settings. They also include adjustable, lightweight caster/camber plates that allow for exacting alignment adjustments.

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