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QA1 1994-2004 Mustang Level 3 Drag Kit

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
QA1 1994-2004 Mustang Level 3 Drag Kit
Throughout the ranks of NMRA and NMCA competition you’ll find Ford Mustangs of all generations. Depending on the category, some may be more popular than others, but generally all are represented, from the original 1965 up to the most modern S650.
A common theme, however, is traction, as every racer needs it. Foxbody Mustangs are hugely popular in Coyote Stock, where later models are what you’ll find in Super Stang, but no matter the year, QA1 has shocks, struts and suspension parts to improve performance.
Foxbody Stangs are great for drag racing, namely due to the lightweight unibody construction and a suspension that works quite well on the strip. And like the 1978-1993 Foxes, the 1994-2004 Fox-4 models also do quite well in straight-line acceleration.
Like their earlier cousins, the Fox-4 cars utilize an unequal-length four-bar rear suspension and a modified MacPherson strut arrangement up front. And when the right combination of aftermarket springs, links and dampers are installed, planting the power is easy.
To hook hard and go straight with your ’94-’04 Mustang, QA1 developed its Level 3 Drag Kit. The comprehensive upgrade includes a lightweight tubular K-member, drag-race control arms, boxed trailing arms, a rear sway bar, lightweight caster/camber plates, front double adjustable coilovers, and rear MOD Series coilovers.
The system reduces weight, as the K-member weighs less than half of the factory unit, and enhances tunability, with as much as 2 inches of ride-height adjustment and expanded alignment options. Likewise, the company’s struts and shocks are adjustable, and when paired with its drag-racing spring rates, they improve weight transfer and contribute to shorter 60-foot times and quicker elapsed times.
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