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PROFORM Grade 8 Header Bolts

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
PROFORM Grade 8 Header Bolts
It’s that time of year when racers kick back and enjoy the holidays. But many of us will get out to the garage and do required maintenance, whether it’s rebuilding the engine and transmission or just giving everything the “once over.” One item to check (actually we do this a few times a year) is tightening header bolts.
Exhaust leaks in general are annoying and hurt performance and a bad header leak can cause exhaust valve damage. To ensure your headers are tightly sealed, PROFORM created its Grade 8 Header Bolt. Offered in a variety of thread pitches and lengths to suit a variety of popular engine applications, these bolts are built with a pair of special washers.
When the bolts are torqued to 28 lb-ft, the super-hardened external teeth on the washers bite into the header bolt head, locking them into place. Because of this wedge-locking arrangement, the fasteners are secured by tension rather than friction, thus they more easily shrug off the vibrations that might loosen a traditional fastener. 
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