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ProCharger Big-Block Chevy Accessory Drive

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
ProCharger Big-Block Chevy Accessory Drive
Despite the popularity of the GM LS platform, the tried-and-true Chevrolet Big-Block remains a fantastic option for those wanting big from from a Bow-Tie platform. And why not add boost to sweeten the deal? That’s where ProCharger can help with its new accessory drive kit.
If you want to run a modern serpentine accessory drive on a big-block Chevy and you want to run a supercharger now or in the future, ProCharger developed this future-proof BBC Accessory Drive. The sleek, compact arrangement can be optioned with a specially engineered supercharger bracket that allows dropping on a ProCharger immediately or as your budget allows.
The base kit includes a water pump pulley, a crank pulley, an alternator bracket, an alternator pulley, a tensioner, and a serpentine belt. Optional equipment includes a power steering bracket, a power steering pulley, an air conditioner compressor bracket, an air conditioner compressor pulley cover, as well as the aforementioned supercharger bracket, supercharger tensioner, and belt. Naturally, ProCharger can also supply a supercharger, intercooler, tubing, and more for a complete blower package. 
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