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Power Players Chevrolet Performance delivers more muscular LS7 performance in LS427/570 crate engine

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
These engines are often direct derivatives of factory powerplant options that make more power when freed from the confines of factory emissions and NVH parameters. In the case of a fresh crate engine from the purveyors of the genre at Chevrolet Performance, it takes a legendary engine and pushes the performance even higher. The all-new LS427/570 builds on the legendary, racing-bred performance of the LS7 to create the most powerful naturally-aspirated LS crate engine in our portfolio, Jessica Earl, GM specialist marketing group manager, said. While the LS7 engine originated in the C6 Z06 Corvette and was later adapted to the Camaro Z/28, where it produced impressive output, this crate engine builds on that foundation to create an additional 65 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque. As you might expect, the LS427/570 pumps out a whopping 570 horsepower and 540 lb-ft of torque right out of the crate. It does so by employing an F-body-specific wet-sump oil pump and aluminum pan, which makes installation less complex and expensive. Fitted with a hydraulic-roller cam ground for this application, which delivers 0.591-inch intake/0.590-inch exhaust lift; 227-degree intake/242-degree exhaust duration; and a lobe-separation angle of 116 degrees, this engine is ready to rumble. Filled with a standard, but durable LS7 rotating assembly that includes a forged steel crank and titanium rods, it wears CNC-ported aluminum heads. They are fitted with huge, 2.2-inch intake valves and sodium-filled 1.61-inch exhaust valves controlled by high-rate springs. All told the engine is ready to devour the air flowing in through the low-profile LS7 intake manifold and bark it out through fifth-gen Camaro Z/28 exhaust manifolds. Fitted with a 14-inch Camaro Z/28 168-tooth manual transmission flywheel, it is ready to drop into an existing manual project, but can be configured for other applications with the proper flexplate or flywheel. Further easing the installation of this crate engine is a companion LS427/570 Engine Controller that will make getting it running a plug and play operation. Source: Chevrolet Performance  

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